Applications: SOP Coating Application


A Great Surface – truk-coat® is a thick spray elastomer with high abrasion resistance, tear strength and gloss retention.

  • Molds to Every Contour - Bonding permanently to your truck bed, truk-coat® molds around every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal.
  • Quiet - It's thick shock absorbing qualities dampen sound and vibration. No rattling around like some drop-in liners can do.
  • Adds Value - Whether you spray truk-coat® on a well used or a new truck bed, truk-coat® will provide years of reliable service. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) a spray on bedliner increases the value of your truck.
  • Chemical & Abrasion Resistant - Including: pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilizers, and much more!

SOP coatings can be used to protect all types of marine vessels and related surfaces from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust. Not a paint-like coating, SOP coatings provide a tough industrial-grade protective coating for literally hundreds of applications.

SOP Coatings:
  • Form an air and watertight seal, preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Help insulate from noise and vibration.
  • Are maintenance-free, easy-to-clean; no more waxing, sanding or repainting.
  • Easily accommodate all types and sizes of marine vessels.
  • Perform well in work and storage areas of all sizes.

Farm & Ranch

Many trailers are delivered with open wood plank or steel floors. SOP Low Pressure Coatings are the ideal wall and floor covering for most trailers, no matter what the size.

  • Low Pressure Coatings create a cushioned, non-skid surface for better footing for both animals and humans.
  • For horse trailers spraying a permanent protective coating will protect the trailer from corrosive substances and is easy to clean.
  • 100% solid seal that protects utility trailers from rust and corrosion.
  • SOP Coatings protect surfaces from weather and harsh wear and tear.
  • Trailer and lift gates are often sprayed with protective coatings to help reduce noise.
  • Will not crack, warp or peel like rubber mats or wood floors.

SOP spray elastomers can be sprayed to any thickness to prolong the life of construction equipment, waste recycling containers, roofing materials and almost any other commercial or industrial surface that needs the toughest protection available. When your surface needs permanent, durable watertight and airtight protection, Spray-On Products can provide what you need.
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Transport Vehicles & Facilities
  • Containment
  • Mining
  • Pipeline
  • Above and Underground Storage
  • Garbage and Refuse Management
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Offshore Facilities
  • Production & Manufacturing Facilities

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