Guardian A-Series Proportioner

The Guardian A-Series is a high performance dispensing system for polyurethane foam, adhesives, and elastomeric coatings. Its compact, portable design fits through standard doorways and is easy to maneuver on the jobsite.

All of the components on the Guardian A-Series (fluid sections, primary heaters, hose heat, hoses, solid state electronics package) are identical to those on the robust TIER #1 M-Series line of hydraulic equipment.

With electric powered TIER #2 spray systems available in the market today, the compromise in features and performance can be quite pronounced and a hindrance to quality applications. When you select the Guardian A-Series line of equipment, there is no compromise in the quality, reliability, spray characteristics, excellent mix of materials, and overall performance!

The Guardian A-Series is available in a number of configurations, including both low- and high-pressure and low- and high-heat models. In general, the A5-Series is best suited to Spray Foam applications and the A6-Series is suitable for both Spray Foam and Polyurea Coatings applications. Please review the literature for each at the right to learn more about the differences between the Guardian A5 and A6 lines.

Some of the highlights of the Guardian A-Series line include:

  • Output of up to 22 lbs (10 kg) per minute
  • At 1 gpm (3.8 lpm) output, the Guardian A-Series uses only 9 cfm more air than electric proportioners.
  • The Guardian A-Series supports hose lengths up to 310 feet (95m).
  • Dependable 5" and 6" air motors (depending on model) deliver efficient and consistent operation. An innovative air motor design uses air signals to reverse air motor direction. Other manufacturers use trip rods and mechanical spools. The Guardian A-Series requires little maintenance or routine adjustments, and if required, can be easily serviced in the field.
  • New, optional Iso piston lubrication system circulates pump lubricants in a sealed environment, providing longer seal life and further reducing scheduled maintenance.
  • Pump Retract switch protects Iso pump shaft and seals from long term build-up, contamination, and wear.
  • High volume, high temperature heaters deliver a total of 6,000 or 12,000 watts of primary heat. These heaters are powerful enough to reach set-point temperature quickly and accurately. Each heater is independently controlled which allows you to run different Iso and Poly temperatures.
  • Low voltage automatic heated hoses eliminate the temperature guesswork. A digital controller keeps our hoses at the set temperature needed for maximum yield. The in-line thermocouple enables a true temperature reading that is so critical to the proper installation of today's high performance foam and coating systems. This powerful system provides accurate and consistent material temperature that is maintained up to 310 feet (95 m) of hose length.
  • A convenient air manifold is incorporated in the system for additional air distribution outlets and regulators for transfer pumps and mixers.
  • Factory set Over-Pressure and Over-Temperature shut-down safety systems.
  • Cycle Counter to track material usage.
  • True flow hose electrical connectors.
  • European CE Certified.
Guardian A-Series


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