Probler P2 Guns

Less maintenance, less downtime, very user friendly, and the lowest parts consumption in the business!

The NEW and Patented Probler P2 Plural-Component Spray Gun for Foam and Coating applications offers technology that is only available from GlasCraft.

  • The P2 has the most responsive trigger action available in the market today thanks to GlasCraft's patented dual-piston design which provides over 300 lbs. of force.
  • The 2-piece spray chamber and tip insert design is another GlasCraft patented technological advance which allows for more spraying uptime
  • The Probler P2 has lower parts consumption than any other gun available in the marketplace today!

Other gun features that set it apart from any other spray gun offerings include:

  • Low Maintenance: End of day shut-down takes just a few minutes and does not require that you split the gun.
  • Endurance Mixing Chamber: Two piece design = more precise performance.  Heavy-duty design means this component lasts longer and is inexpensive to replace, thus providing the best value over the lifetime vs. any other available design!
  • Piston Isolation: Eliminates cross-overs or material in air piston.
  • Multiple Nozzles in One Gun: Round Spray, Flat Spray, Pour/Cast, and Inject/Jet-Stream - and our new studwall tips are specifically engineered for the needs of the foam insulation markets!
  • Grease Fitting: Fast and easy maintenance!
  • Simplified Design: Fewer parts, easier to service = more uptime!
  • Filtered Both Sides: Resin is now filtered as well as Iso!
  • Ergonomic Design: A great shape to hold and use = no fatigue!

GlasCraft's exclusive air purge, solventless direct impingement mix Probler P2 gun can be used on all GlasCraft Foam and Coating dispense systems.

The Probler P2 is ergonomically designed and balanced.  It is the smallest, lightest gun in the fast-set foam and coatings industry and has a huge, loyal user base that is growing on a daily basis.

The Probler P2 is so light, so small, and so simple to operate, you can have it out of the box and spraying in minutes.  The Probler P2's lightweight, ergonomic, and compact design allows for comfortable spraying and maneuvering into difficult spray positions all day long, every day.

Increased Flexibility and Increased Dependability with the Patent Pending Two Piece Mixing Chamber.
The ability to change the mixing chamber inserts without removing the entire chamber or sideblocks allows you to independently adjust the volume and spray pattern size.  This also reduces maintenance and increases sideblock seal life.  And when it is time to change to another chamber or service the gun, the easy access two-piece mixing chamber can be replaced in seconds.

More Powerful - Patented Dual Air Piston.

Double the trigger force - no sluggish chamber movement when you pull the trigger.  Quick opening speed of the material orifices is critical to proper mix and accurate ratio with high-performance, fast-set coatings. With the extra opening power of the dual air piston, you are also assured the gun will trigger shot after shot.

No More Cleaning Small Air Passages with Tiny Drill Bits.
The Probler P2 has check valves separating the liquid portion and dry side of the gun.  Material cross-overs into the air passage are a thing of the past.

Quick Daily Maintenance with Grease Fitting.
Shut down the gun in seconds and be assured it will ready to operate in the morning.

Easy Access A & B side Filters.
Easy to clean filters and multiple size options allow for more consistent material flow for high pressure foam and coatings applications.

The Probler P2 can use either Hardened Steel or Plastic side block seals.  Hardened seals maintain efficient production and up-time even with more difficult filled and abrasive materials.

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