PORTA-COAT ® Cartridge System

Are you looking for OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE and a SUPERIOR QUALITY coating at an affordable price?
PORTA-COAT® is the answer.

Do you want to spray the same high quality bedliners that are sprayed with expensive spray equipment?
PORTA-COAT® is the answer.

Do you want to save TIME and MONEY and avoid high maintenance costs and expensive replacement parts?
PORTA-COAT® is the answer.

Are you looking for a portable, lightweight spray system with added safety features?  
PORTA-COAT® is the answer.

PORTA-COAT® delivers the same high quality coating used with expensive spray equipment in a side by side cartridge dispensing system and a dual component pneumatic spray gun.  The PORTA-COAT® pneumatic spray gun comes complete with an air atomizing attachment, a true adjustable air regulator and pressure gauge for added safety. 

PORTA-COAT® won't warp, crack or peel and provides a skid resistant surface that contours to every curve,  It provides an abraision resistant, rust proof, waterproof coating that absorbs sound and is the best chemical in its class to resist a variety of acids, caustics, solvents and fuels. 


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