PORTA-COAT ® Equipment

The PORTA-COAT® pneumatic spray gun with air atomizing attachment and true adjustable air regulator with pressure gauge is a reliable design with proven dependability and service.  It is equipped with unique features for material flow and air atomizing spray control.

The PORTA-COAT® spray gun comes with a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly for easy attachment of air lines.  The air atomizing attachment is equipped with an air flow regulator and pressure gauge to properly control the air flow and spray pattern.

Spray-On Products' PORTA-COAT® Cartridge System provides controlled dispensing of the two-part coating materials directly form the cartridges and through the static mixing tube and air atomizing tip.  The air flow regulator allows for complete material mixing and atomization.  The instant air dump valve provides added safety by preventing pressure build-up in the cartridges not seen on other systems. 

Spraying with the PORTA-COAT® Cartridge System is as easy as  1  -  2   -  3

  1. Remove cap from cartridge and screw on the static mixing tube and air atomizing spray tip assembly.

  2. Place cartridges in the PORTA-COAT® spray gun attach the air atomizing air hose. Connect air supply.

  3. Set material flow regulator and pull the trigger to start material flow.

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