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Spray-On Products offers the highest grade Polyurethane and Polyurea spray elastomers from our own unique product line, which are the most reliable and durable fast-set elastomers in the market . They offer excellent performance characteristics for fixed or variable mixing ratios to be sprayed on varying surfaces which require industrial-strength protection, such as: bed-liners, industrial piping, off-shore decking, sound proofing studios or commercial roofing projects. These elastomers are highly versatile, easy-to-use and can be sprayed on most any type of surface.

truk-coat ® low pressure 1:1
Elastomers commonly known as “low pressure” chemicals are readily used for industrial surfaces that need to have a stronger grip, leveling surfaces, sound deadening or greater surface density. truk-coat ®” is the best chemical in its class to resist a variety of acids, caustics, solvents and fuels.
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truk-coat® low pressure 2:1
Fast set elastomer with the same performance characteristics and industrial strength protection as truk-coat ® low pressure with a 2:1 mixing ratio.
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PORTA-COAT® low pressure 1:1 
A durable and reliable fast set elastomer with excellent performance characteristics for surfaces that require industrial strength protection, chemical and abrasion resistance and non-skid surface.
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truk-coat® high pressure 1:1

Elastomers commonly known as “high pressure” chemicals can be used if you need to have a strong sealant / protective coating for industrial or work-related business-critical assets that endure continuous high-impact contact from man-made or weather related occurrences. truk-coat® provides industrial strength performance characteristics for hundreds of applications.
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